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Dr. Godfrey Clark Burns retired as Chief of the Division of Nephrology at Saint Vincent’s Hospital in New York City and Associate Professor of Medicine at New York Medical college. A graduate of New York University and The Howard University College of Medicine, Dr. Burns has authored numerous scientific articles and enjoys a national reputation in medical education and research. He is the recipient of many awards including the Saint Vincent’s Hospital Distinguished Physician award.​

Dr. Burns' first novel, a murder mystery set in New York City, is now available for sale on Amazon.

Sacred Salt

When a series of murders take place in New York City with grains of salt and biblical references left at the scene, the police turn to Dr. Malcom Christian, a professor of medicine, who has a special interest in the shadowy history of salt.


Alex Luganos, the lead detective on the murders, doesn’t want help, especially from Christian, a Black intellectual with unusual insights.

When the killer—haunted by his own terrifying relationship with salt—discovers Christian is helping the police, the doctor becomes his target. Soon, Christian finds himself the prime suspect in the murders and must find the killer to prove his own innocence.

Dr. Godfrey Burns Image

"From the beginning, good things have been created for the good, just as evils have been created for the sinners. The elements needed for man’s life are water and fire and salt."

—The Wisdom of Sirach 39/22

More about Dr. Burns

After graduating from New York University, Dr. Burns taught high school Biology for six years. Then he attended Howard University College of Medicine. He began his medical career as an intern at St. Vincent’s Hospital and Medical Center in New York City. There he completed his residency in medicine and the fellowship in Nephrology. He then served as head of the hypertension and renal disease clinic at the Boston Naval Hospital.

Board certified in Internal Medicine and Nephrology, Dr. Burns returned to Saint Vincent’s hospital and was appointed Chief of the division of Nephrology and Hypertension and program director of Nephrology fellowship training program and Associate Professor of Medicine At New York Medical college.

His many awards include Intern of the Year, Teacher of the Year, the Department of Medicine Research Award, A Blue Ribbon award for Clinical research from the American Society of Nephrology, The Centennial award from the National Medical association, The Physician’s Beneficiary Service Award  from the Health Care Financing Administration of the United States Government, Excellence in teaching awards from graduating classes at New York Medical College, The St. Vincent’s de Paul Distinguished Physician’s award and election to The Alpha Omega Alpha Medical Honor Society, Howard University.
More about Dr. Burns
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